If you’ve been hiding in a cave the last two days, you likely haven’t heard about the controversy surrounding Rob Bell and his still-unreleased book Love Wins. To be fair, I live with a theologian (my pastor husband) who deals in such discussions, and we hash out any major (and many minor) church and faith issues regularly. Bell received a thrashing from blogger Justin Taylor just two days ago, and the internet/Tweetosphere lit up with incendiary comments regarding Bell’s purported views on Hell, God’s wrath, and judgment of the unsaved. Mr. Taylor included a promo video in his post which could not be found on the publisher’s website, nor on Bell’s site until today. Provocative, it is. Watch for yourself. But is it merely stage setting, or an intro to wretched theology? It is possible, Taylor suggests, in an edited after the blog note, that we should “wait for the book so we can see all his cards laid out on the table.” Wha?? Quite a bit of conjecture, hmm?

In the original blog, Taylor cited 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, which he later removed. YES, we need to weigh teaching offered to us. But in advance of the teaching truly being available to us, should we lay on the conclusions? Judging is a difficult topic, as we are to judge sinful behavior, encouraging a return to righteousness and protecting ourselves (the Church) from false doctrine. But weighing in on someone’s heretical views before they are clearly expounded is surely displeasing to the Lord. As my husband said, “If they’re wrong about Rob Bell, they’re wrong to have judged him so quickly. If they’re right, they’re still wrong for jumping the gun.” Is having the scoop on potential heresy worth all of this?