So much has happened since the last, long-ago post that I thought I’d update you. If you subscribed to this during that long-ago time, THANKS!  A few of you have even signed up recently. Know that I’ve appreciated your comments and thoughtful discussion. When I last wrote, my husband was pastoring, which is no longer the case. It was quite a difficult chapter, on many counts, and one that I wish on no one else. But God was and is good, and we persevere.

On a much more pleasant note, I restarted working as a Cultural Anthropologist and trainer in February of this year. I’m currently working with two missions sending groups and several churches in a few different denominations, equipping people for cross-cultural ministry. Some are going overseas to minister, but many are regular folk working with immigrant populations in the US. There are a few possibilities for some other consulting, as well. In some ways it feels like a long drought is over. There is some amazing work going on, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it! That new work means a new blog as well, found at The plan is to make it short, practical, and consistently written. Read, enjoy and sign up, if you’d like. Thanks!